Tim Schaffer Scholarship

Tim often began a sentence with “I wonder . . .” This was his active mind at work, and his curiosity and creativity were reflected in everything he did, from helping kindergarten students discover the wildlife on campus ponds to the designs he created for school plays. 

A longtime Washington, DC resident, Tim graduated from Maret School in 1989. After obtaining his degree from Yale University in 1993, he spent a year teaching in Warsaw. Tim returned to Maret from 1994 to 2008, where his enthusiasm for teaching influenced countless students and colleagues. The vast reach of his expertise and knowledge shaped the direction of technology integration on campus, provided stellar set designs for school performances, and inspired him to lead students on multiple educational trips, most notably the Subtropical Zone Ecology program in Sanibel, FL. In 20908 he became the Director of Technology and Sustainability at Barrie School in Silver Spring, MD, where he guided Barrie’s use of learning management systems, designed sets for theater productions, and helped plan the campus’s new green buildings. 

Tim’s broad range of responsibilities reflected the breadth of his interests and passions. Throughout his life, he touched countless people, especially the very old and the very young, who will continue to have their lives enriched by the experiences he shared with them. His family was a priority for him and he provided an endless source of love and strength for them. Always curious, a passionate environmentalist, inspired teacher, loyal friend, and devoted husband, Tim will always be remembered for his exceptional intellect and caring spirit.

Tim led his first trip with The Road Less Traveled in 1996 and continued through 2000, teaching students about the environment and exposing them to outdoor skills, backpacking, rafting, kayaking and rock climbing throughout the Western U.S. Tim was passionate about working with under-served populations and marine science. He found great joy in exposing youth to the wonders of the natural world, to different native cultures, and to new environments. We celebrate Tim's contribution to hundreds of student’s lives over the years – we know that countless young people were able to live as large as one can thanks to his work and commitment to their education. Tim allowed others to learn, to laugh, and to discover their best selves.


Timothy Schaffer MARCH 19, 1971 - MAY 24, 2014