There has never been a greater need to empower young people to achieve their full potential and become agents of change, no matter how large or small. Our scholarships give students the opportunity to expand their heart, perspective and purpose.

We know that youth who experience certain formative “life lessons” before they are launched into independence have advantages once they leave home. These lessons can be experienced by taking controlled risk, moving outside one’s comfort zone, trying new things and expanding one’s horizons. 

Our students return home with excitement, new ideas, and something more to offer — to their schools, communities, and to the world. They have an adventure to share, a story to tell, inspired by a world and people they never knew existed.

Geography of Hope scholarship students experience a life-changing summer with The Road Less Traveled where there is no homework, no grades, no technology. Students are free to focus on cultivating individual strengths in ways that build confidence and self-reliance.