The Road Less Traveled founders re-established Geography of Hope (GOH) to give all students, regardless of their background, an opportunity to participate in life transforming trips, 

In 1997 Christopher Mann, a former Road Less Traveled (RLT) trip leader, created Geography of Hope. Its original purpose, still true today, was to increase graduation rates in under-served schools through educational outdoor experiences. He sought to share his love, value and enjoyment of the wilderness with young people who did not have the same opportunities he did growing up. 

Mann's decision to found GOH was deeply influenced by RLT owners and founders, Jim and Donna Stein: their quality programs, efforts and commitment to enriching students' lives and their dedication to making RLT more accessible inspired him

In the summer of 1999 GOH awarded GOH’s first two scholarships to Kenanna Hawkins and Jorah Ivy to participate on a RLT program, Both students returned from their adventures with new skills, broader perspectives and deeper understandings of their world, teachers and family

Three years ago Geography of Hope was revived by a new Chicago based board. Thanks to Donna and Jim Stein and the support of public and private contributions, Geography of Hope has awarded scholarships to more than 60 students. These students have traveled to 18 different locations on programs thoughtfully run by The Road Less Traveled