Augustine Carnell Memorial Scholarship

Augustine "Auggie" Carnell was a wonderful young man from Rochester, UK who participated on the Florida Keys Coral Restoration Program "Conservation is the Key" in the summer of 2012. 

Auggie was truly magnetic, adored by his peers and leaders alike. He was honest, intelligent beyond his years, and highly engaged. Auggie pushed his comfort zone during his time with The Road Less Traveled -- the foreign country, the discovery of scuba diving, the blond American girls, the sub-par teenage cooking... He embraced each challenge and excelled. Auggie will be remembered lovingly by all who met and knew him.

The Augustine "Auggie" Carnell Memorial Scholarship honors his life, and the early loss of it, through the gift of scholarship. Augustine was an Explorer Scout in the UK and would have approved strongly of the idea of helping other youngsters experience the great outdoors. By sponsoring a participant on The Road Less Traveled's Florida Keys program, we hope to provide the growth opportunity that Auggie experienced in 2012. Each year Auggie’s memory will live on though the scholar’s new and life changing experiences. Auggie’s life and spirit merit a meaningful legacy.

Augustine "Auggie" Carnell SEPTEMBER 26, 1996 - JANUARY 1, 2014