Hidden Smile #1, Hidden Smile collection, Rehahn photograph (2013)

Madam Xong Hidden-Smile.jpg
Madam Xong Hidden-Smile.jpg

Hidden Smile #1, Hidden Smile collection, Rehahn photograph (2013)


Rehahn photographic print 15" x 23" Limited edition 6/100

Value: $500

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Bui Thix Xon is 78 years old. This photo is part of the Women's Museum of Hanoi. And is the photograph that was the inspiration for the entire Hidden Smile collection.

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Réhahn is a photographer born in Normandy, France. He has travelled to more than 35 countries prior to making Hoi An, central Vietnam, his home in 2011. He is particularly known for his portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India, and the media regularly describe him as the photographer “who captures the soul of his models” (Paris Match, August 2015). Réhahn invests his time and builds strong relationships with with the people he meets, hence his Giving Back Project.

After first journeying to the northern regions of the country and making his way down, he has witnessed firsthand the complex diversity and fragility of some ethnic groups’ cultural heritage.  Having already met 45 of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, he now focuses his work on completing this project. By capturing images of these exceptionally contrasting cultures, and collecting their traditional costumes and precious artifacts, he has built up the Precious Heritage Collection, which is now the core of the eponymous Gallery Museum.

Réhahn has spent the last 10 years photographing Vietnamese people in their natural habitats. His love for photography has taken him to more than 35 countries but he’s settled in Hội An, cental Vietnam, with his family. Réhahn has already met nearly 40 Vietnamese ethnic groups in the past 5 years alone. Travelling and taking photos of these colourfully diverse ethnic groups, and having a family of his own has made him think more deeply about the value of heritage. and capturing happiness and traditions that might not be passed down to future generations. He has profound and lasting connections with the people and communities he photographs. The GOH auction features eight limited edition (100 copies) fujifilm mat paper prints from two of his most highly regarded projects: Precious Heritage and Hidden Smiles.